Why are you leaving (or did you leave) this position?

Why are you leaving (or did you leave) this position?

(If you have a job presently)

It is always distressing to be asked the reasons for leaving the position in an interview. There are many reasons for leaving a present job.  Always face such an interview question with honesty and give the answer in a positive way. The interviewer is looking for a positive and motivated individual. The candidate can tell it frankly if he is not 100% committed to leaving the job to the interviewer as he is in a stronger position to tell that. Stay positive regardless of the situation and tell them that leaving the job for a positive reason or a chance to do something better. An individual with a job in hand can surely match his desires with the present job if already unmatched what the position all about.

(If you don’t have a job presently)

Job seekers always consider each interview question as a platform to show their strength. Every question is important in an interview. Each positive reply satisfy the employer that the candidate be worthy of advance to the next level.  If the candidate does not have a job at the moment, do not lie about having been fired. There are many reasons to lose a job. But redirect the reason from the personal level. Today, most of the companies asking for references and cross references, it is easy to find out the real reason for losing the job.

Being honest with the future employer can build up trust. There is no need to be too open about losing the last job as it may create doubt in the interviewer’s mind.  Never lie or blame the former employer. Show the candidate’s sense of revitalization and dedication to the potential employer. Keep the positive attitude and think that getting fired can opens the door to new opportunity. Before attending the interview, prepare a brief reason for leaving. Today, the average time span of an employee who working in a company may be two-three years.  So the candidate can select the best reasons say, money, opportunity, responsibility or growth for leaving.


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