Union Public Service Commission is proud to conducts the Indian Forest Service Exam every year for specially recruiting officers for the Indian Forest Service.

In 1966, the Indian Forest Service was mainly created for forest resources to keep under protection, conservation and regeneration. It is an All India Service, the officers are recruited by the Government of India but their services are strictly put under the various State Government cadres, with they are entitled with the privilege of serving both under the State Government and under the Central Government.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) provides a very highly challenging and most rewarding career. The maintenance of our best natural resources of our country is very essential and important for an all round balanced development of the nation. Maintenance of forests reserve is so important for maintaining the ecological balance that the Indian Forest Service has been set up for this very purpose. The Indian Forest Service Officers (IFS) who are recruited through UPSC by the Central Government play a very crucial role in the management and supervision of the country’s forest reserves and particularly the wild life.

Eligibility Conditions

According to the Union Public Service Commission, all men and women who are a citizen of Indian,  a subject of our neighboring countries such as Nepal or Bhutan, or a Tibetan refugee who came cross to India before 1st January,1962 with the main purpose  of permanently setting in India  or  a person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, East African countries of Kenya ,Uganda the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia,  and Vietnam with the main purpose of permanently setting in India and on those person(subject), the Government of India has issued  a certificate of eligibility.

An Aspirant, in whose special case a original certificate of eligibility is must, may be admitted to the examination but the appointment  letter will be given only after the proper verification and necessary eligibility certificates has been issued to him/ her by the Government of India.

Please do check the latest notification for any change or modification in the eligibility criteria updated by the UPSC from time to time through the Government gazette.

Age limits:

An Aspirant while applying for the post must have reached the age of 21 years and the upper age must not have crossed the age of 30 years on the date of issue of his notification.

The upper age limit relaxation is prescribed for certain categories:

Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, it is up to a maximum of five years.

Other Backward Classes who under the Government policy are eligible to avail of reservation, it is up to a maximum of three years.

An Aspirant had ordinarily been domiciled in Jammu & Kashmir during the crucial period starting from the 1st January, 1980 to the end of 31st day of December, 1989; it is up to a maximum of five years.

In the special case of Defense Services Personnel due to certain situation became disabled in operations in a disturbed area or during hostilities with any neighboring or foreign country or and released mainly due to consequence thereof, it is up to a maximum of three years.

In the special case of ex-servicemen mainly including the Commissioned Officers and SSOs/ ECOs who have successfully rendered at least a minimum of five years Military Service otherwise than due o certain situation faced with dismissal or discharge on account of serious misconduct of inefficiency, or on account of any type of physical disability attributable common to Military Service, or on invalidment, it is up to a maximum of five years.

In the case of SSCOs/ ECOs who have successfully completed an initial active period of duty of five years of Military Service and whose duty has been again continued beyond approximately five years. The aspirant’s special condition the Ministry of Defense has issues a certificate stating that they are eligible and can apply for any civil employment and that up on getting selected, they will be released within three months notice of receipt of offer of appointment, it is up to a maximum of five years.

In the case of deaf-mute, orthopaedically, blind and handicapped persons, it is up to a maximum of 10 years.

Please do check the latest notification for any change or modification in the Age limit criteria updated by the UPSC from time to time through the Government gazette.

Minimum Educational Qualifications:-

The aspirant must hold at the time of applying a Bachelor’s degree from any one of the Universities incorporated by an Indian Act of the Central or State Legislature or other educational institutions which was established by Parliament Act or declared to be in the status of deemed as University under special section-3 of the 1956, Act of University Grants Commission or possesses an equivalent qualification. The aspirant must have studied with at least any one of the subjects namely Botany, Geology, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Chemistry, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology or must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry, Agriculture or in Engineering of


The Commission is in the process of making available of online application submission in the near future for Indian Forest Service Examination.

The UPSC with the intention of uniformity in the Application Form has released a common form for all their examinations that will be fully processed and stored in computerized machines.

This Applications Form is available in all designated Head Post Office/Post Offices across the country along with detailed Information Brochure which contains all general instructions, an acknowledgement card and a long size envelope for sending the application to the commission.

The cost of the application form is Rs.20.

The application form duly filled in and the acknowledgment card attached with the main application form should then be sent through ordinary posted in the special long size envelope supplied with the kit of information Brochure.

The Aspirants should also write on top of the long size envelope the name of the examination viz.” Indian Forest Service Examination  and dispatch it to “Secretary, Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi – 110069”

All Aspirants who are working with Government Service at the central or state level, Government owned and managed industrial undertaking or any such similar organizations or in multinational companies or private employment should without delay submit their filled in applications directly through post to the Commission. If the process of submitting to be the employer and they posting it to be commission faces any delay and if the application reaches only after the closing date then such application will not be entertained.

Those job aspirants who are already in any Government service at the central or state level which is of permanent or temporary capacity are required to clearly submit an undertaking that they had already informed in writing about their personal intention of applying for this particular examination to their concerned Head of Office or Department.

The Aspirants who is already employed should note that in certain case if a communication is received in advance from their employer under any ground  by the Commission then the committee has he soul right to withhold permission to  the job aspirants from applying for or appearing at the examination. In some cases their application will be liable to be fully rejected or his/her candidature will be strictly liable to be cancelled for a period of time.

Important note: The aspirant while rightly filling in all relevant information of his/her application form should very carefully decide their nearest choice for the examination centre and the comfortable optional subjects from the given list for the examination.

The job aspirants are kindly advised not to send more than one examination application forms indicating different examination center or optional subject combination. In that case the application will be rejected and strict action will be taken against that aspirant at the discretion of the disciplinary committee of the commission. The commission may accept only one application in that case.


The Indian Forest Service’s competitive examination comprises of the following papers.

The written examination consisting of the following papers:-

·        The Paper I General English will carry a maximum of 300 marks.

·        The Paper II Genera knowledge will carry a maximum of 300 marks.

·        The Paper III   of any two subjects that are to be selected by the aspirant will carry a maximum of 200 marks for each paper.

·        The Paper IV from the list of the optional.

·        The Paper V Subjects set out in Para 2 below

·        The Paper VI will be of each subject will have two papers.

·        Interview for Personality Test will carry a maximum of 300 marks.

List of optional subjects are Agriculture, Statistics, Agricultural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Mathematics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Geology, Civil Engineering, Forestry, Physics and Zoology.

The following combination of subjects will not be allowed to be taken by the aspirant such as Mathematics and Statistics, Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science and of the Engineering subjects viz. Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering and Agricultural Engineering – not more than one subject

General Instructions

All the question papers will commonly be of essay type for the examination. All question papers related to the examination will be in English and it has to be answered legibly in English. The papers will be of three hours duration only. The Aspirants must read and write the question papers in their own hand.

The help of scribe will allowed on to the blind candidate and not anyone else. The commission has soul right to fix the qualifying marks in any given subjects at their discretion in the examination. A bad handwriting of the aspirant in the answer sheet will invite reduction in the marks. Grace marks will not be allotted for showcasing some superficial extra knowledge. Extra credit will be allot in the mark when an aspirant shows writing the answers in the orderly manners, very effective expression with right usage of words in all the subjects of the examination. The aspirant can use simple scientific calculator but interchanging or loaning of personal calculators is not permitted in the examination hall.


·        The aspirants will be interviewed by a Board with unbiased and competent observers who are expert and experienced in their respective fields will have before them all records related to their career.

·        The main object of the interview process is to assess the service of the aspirant. The aspirant will be generally expected to have a good knowledge about the residing state of India and rest of the states of the nation.

·        The aspirant’s knowledge about the latest happenings within and outside the nation along with all sort of new discoveries which really aroused a curiosity will be checked.

·        The methodology or technique of the entire interview process is not like a strict cross examination but a normal purposive conversation where the main intention is to get to know the mental qualities of the aspirant.


The normal standard of papers that may be allotted in General knowledge and General English topics will be such as may be generally expected of an Engineering or Science graduation an Indian University. Please make a note that there will not be any kind of practical examination in any of the given subjects.

Indian Forest Service Exam generally conducted in the month of May/July. The pattern of exam is similar to that of Civil Services Examination, and selection is done in three phases. The successfully selected candidates who appear in the All India Merit List are called for Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration for foundation training, which is followed by specialized orientation for the Forest Service at the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehradun, Uttarkand. After training candidates are posted as the Assistant Conservator, District Conservator, Chief Conservator, Principal Conservator, and the Inspector General of Forests. The senior most post is that of the Environment Secretary in the Union Government.


The Indian Forest Service pay package is really good with all other allowances. After the implementation of 6th Central Pay Commission recommended the pay scales of posts in the Indian Forest Service is as under.

Posts Scale of Pay in Rs) Grade Pay
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forestry) 80000 APEX SCALE
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests 75500-80000 HAG + SCALE
Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests 37400-67000 12000 (PB-4)
Chief Conservator of Forests 37400-67000 10000 (PB-4)
Conservator of Forests 37400-67000 8900 (PB-4)
Deputy Conservator of Forests (Selection Grade) 37400-67000 8700 (PB-4)
(Junior Administrative Grade) 15600-39100 7600 (PB-3)
(Senior Time Scale) 15600-39100 6600 (PB-3)
(Junior Time Scale) 15600-39100 5400 (PB-3)

PROMOTIONS: To ensure uniformity in providing or granting higher pay scales through different stages of promotions, the Government of India have perfectly issued guidelines from time to time, where in the eligibility criteria has been fixed for promotion to various grades.

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