Tell me about something you did- or failed to do-that you now feel a little ashamed of.

Tell me about something you did- or failed to do-that you now feel a little ashamed of.

People are trying to do everything right in an interview. Sometimes interviewers may ask questions which are not relevant to the job. For example, ask the candidate to tell something wrong he/she did or something he/she failed to do. Most of the time candidates get confused by such a question. They are prepared for questions related to qualifications and experience. If planning to go for an interview then prepare the candidate to face such questions and think about a perfect answer for that.

Best Policy

Sometimes due to ardent feeling of doing everything right, people might end up doing the wrong things.  It is human that making errors. Remember that never confess regret in front of the interviewer.  At the same time, do not give the impression that saying this intentionally. Always give the impression that the candidate is such a person who is keen to keep healthy relations everywhere.  Most of the time, such irrelevant questions asked to know the candidate’s capability to handle the situation.

When the interviewer asks a question which is totally unrelated to the job, then give a diplomatic answer.  For example, the candidate can say that he is not able to remember any such incidents at that point of time. Then proceed in a tactic way that the general way to avoid regrets is to avoid the chances that cause them.  Tell them that as a general principle, at the end of each day, mentally review the day’s actions and conversations to take a second look at the people and developments involved with him and try to check how those people feeling. It is a best policy to help people and try to make them happy instead of hurt them.  Such a reply can please the interviewer as he is expecting is the best answer.

At job, make every person feel like a member of an excellent team, motivate them and take out the maximum performance.  It is a good strategy to respect people’s feelings because each employee striving for excellence rather than feel sorry for little things or regrets.


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