SBI BANK CLERICAL General Knowledge Expected Questions

1. The Kishanganga Power Project is in-

A. Orissa

B. Maharashtra

C. Gujarat

D. Jammu & Kashmir

ANS: (D)

2. The late Nirmala Desh Pande was a famous

A. diplomat

B. astrologer

C. Social activist

D. film-star

ANS: (C)

3. Who has been awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for the year 2008 ?

A. Nilanjana Bose

B. Rupashree Nanda

C. Nirupama Subramanian

D. None of these

ANS: (C)

4. Microwave ovens cook dishes by means of

A. Ultraviolet rays

B. Infra-red rays

C. Convection

D. Conduction

ANS: (D)

5. Most of the phenomena related to weather take place in

A. stratosphere

B. ionosphere

C. mesosphere

D. troposphere

ANS: (D)

6. The current President of the World Bank is

A. Dominique Strauss-Kahn

B. James D. Wolfansen

C. Barbara Cartland

D. Robert Zoellick

ANS: (D)

7. Amartya Sen, the NRI Nobel laureate got the honour for his work on

A. Game theory

B. Securities analysis

C. Poverty and famines

D. Impact of Industrialization

ANS: (C)

8. The Quit India resolution was passed at the

A. Bombay session of I.N.C. in 1940

B. Bombay session of I.N.C. in 1941

C. Bombay session of I.N.C. in 1942

D. Bombay session of I.N.C. in 1945.

ANS: (C)

9. Who among the following is not a ghazal singer?

A. Talat Aziz

B. Chandan Dass

C. Peenaz Masani

D. Jagdev Singh

ANS: (D)

10. Nobel Prize for literature in 2007 was received by-

A. Doris Lessing

B. Albert Al Gore

C. Mohammad Yunus

D. None of these

ANS: (A)

11. Meteorites are the heavenly bodies

A. between the Mars and the Jupiter

B. between the Saturn and the Neptune

C. between the Mars and the Venus

D. that burn brightly on entering the Earth’s atmosphere

ANS: (D)

12. P-5 is a group of

A. highly developed countries

B. Highly populous countries

C. Permanent members of the Security Council

D. Established nuclear powers

ANS: (C)

13. Arrange the following in chronological order:

a. Dandi March

b. McDonald Award

c. Hanging of Bhagat Singh

d. Meerut conspiracy case

A. a, b, c, d

B. b, a, c, d

C. d, c, a, b,

D. d, a, c, b

ANS: (A)

14. Which of the following is a land-locked state?

A. Gujarat

B. Andhra Pradesh

C. Madhya Pradesh

D. Tamil Nadu

ANS: (C)

15. Which of the following is not an official language as per the 8th schedule?

A. Konkani

B. Sindhi

C. Manipuri

D. English

ANS: (D)

16. Which of the following used in making computer chips ?

A. Carbon

B. Uranium

C. Silicon

D. Rubidium

ANS: (C)

17. In order to see an undersea object while in a ship, you would make use of a

A. telescope

B. periscope

C. marinoscope

D None of these

ANS: (B)

18. Ban Ki-moon , the UNO Secretary-General belong to

A. Saudi Arab

B. Egypt

C. South Korea

D. Brazil

ANS: (C)

19. The deepest ocean in the world is

A. The Indian ocean

B. The Atlantic ocean

C. The Pacific ocean

D. None of these

ANS: (C)

20. The oldest mutual fund in India is the

A. SBI Mutual Fund

B. BOB Mutual Fund

C. PNB Mutual Fund

D. Unit Trust of India

ANS: (D)

21. A candidate for elections to the Lok Sabha stands to lose his Deposit Money if he fails to get

A. 1/5 of the total valid votes

B. 1/8 of the valid votes

C. 1/6 of the valid votes polled

D. none of these

ANS: (A)

22. The Varanasi“Kanyakumari National Highway is called

A. N.H. “ 8

B. N. H. “ 7

C. N.H. “ 12

D. N.H. “ 9

ANS: (B)

23. Which of the following areas of output is witnessing a new revolution?

A. oilseeds

B. fisheries

C. fruits

D. cereals

ANS: (A)

24. The W.T.O. came into being on

A. 1st April, 1995

B. 1st April, 1994

C. 1st Jan., 1995

D. 1st Jan., 1996

ANS: (C)

25. Bangal was partitioned during the viceroyalty of

A. Lord Rippon

B. Lord Curzon

C. Lord Hardinge

D. Lord Minto

ANS: (B)

26. Tata purchased Jaguar and Rover from-

A. Hyundai

B. Maruti-Suzuki

C. Ford Motor

D. General Motor

ANS: (C)

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