On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer?

On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer?

An aspirant should usually assume when this particular question is asked that the interview process is nearing its end of the section. In order to keep the mood or tempo of the whole process in the right track, never be negative in your answering this typical question. This is the perfect time to show the entire board of interviewer your positivism and comfort you felt during the whole process of being with them.

More over don’t ever give a numerical rating as there are chances that it will drag them to ask you further questions to explain why you chose that particular numerical rating among the given set of numbers. Do always give a safer answer so that the entire process is in a pleasant manner.

If the interviewers been really tough then say “the interview was conducted in a good manner”.

If you felt the interviewer made you more comfortable in getting all the answers regarding his/her queries then say that “the approach was best to hire the right person for the firm.”

Never lose patience even if the process of interview took a long duration or it was scheduled into many rounds. By answering these type of question you are displaying the confidence and commitment to the present situation in the process of the interview. Keep up the pleasure of answering with a smile on your face. Don’t give much time for answering this particular question as they too expect your prompt reply about them.

You too can notice their curiosity to know your answer as they too felt comfortable in having you in front of them answering all the queries. So they too need your suggestions and criticisms so that they can improve on the process of interviewing. They may also wish to know whether you really felt comfortable with him/her or them.

So do tell the interviewer your wholehearted answer without any shyness and be confident while giving this particular answer. Make your answer in full meaningful manner and never use any broken words or one liner.


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