GK Material for the Competetive Examinations

Here are few questions of General Knowledge in all competitive exams.

  1. Who among the following got the Nobel Prize in Economics? Amarthya Sen
  2. Who is the flag bearer for India in Olympics? Sushil Kumar
  3. Who presented the Union Budget in the Parliament in India? Finance minister
  4. On which products the Excise Duty imposed on? Production of goods
  5. Who is the Present Governor of RBI? D. Subba Rao
  6. Which Scheme allows Tax less Equity Savings? Rajiv Gandhi National Equity Scheme
  7. Which Organization Does the Trade Operations between Countries? WTO
  8. Which is the National Flower of India? Lotus
  9. International Non-Violence day is celebrated on – October 2
  10. Who is the first winner of Bronze Medal in Olympics for India? Gagan Narang
  11. What is the top ranked FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) goods – Tobacco
  12. What is Plastic Money? Debit card and Credit card
  13. Where Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve is is situated in? Madhya Pradesh
  14. Name the author of Namesake-Jumba Lahari
  15. Name the tax that is put on Carbon Emission? Carbon tax
  16. Which is the age-group considered as Senior in terms of Budget? 80 above
  17. What is the full form of ATM? Automated Teller Machine
  18. Which is the tax that is applied over property and product? VAT
  19. Which is the multi brand retailer of US with largest chain? Wall Mart
  20. Who is the preacher with the saying ART of living- Ravi Shanker
  21. Press Council of India is related to Indian Paper
  22. Where are 2014 common wealth games going to be held at? Grasglow, Scotland
  23. What is abbreviation of FTZ full form? Free trade zone
  24. Abbreviation of UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India
  25. List the BRICS countries-Brazil, Russia India, China and South Africa
  26. Best Investor in America – Warren Buffet
  27. What is the time frame of Usain Bolt Olympics?- 9.63 Sec
  28. Who introduced Outlook Application software? Microsoft
  29. My country my life is a book written by – L K Advani
  30. Where was 20 ASEAN summit held – Cambodia
  31. Which cricketer was elected as Rajya Sabha member recently? – Sachin Tendulkar
  32. Googly word is related to the_____ sport – Cricket
  33. Who is the banker for Bank- RBI
  34. Name of Award to honor Sports person in India- Arjuna Award
  35. Who among the following is a g-8 member? – Japan
  36. What is the currency of Bangladesh? – Taka
  37. What is the currency of Britain? – Pound
  38. Capital City of UAE – Abu Dhabi
  39. What is the term of President in India? – 5 Years
  40. What does a PPP mean? – Purchasing Power Parity
  41. Abbreviation of ICBM is Inter Continental Ballistic Missile
  42. What is the full form of GDP? – Gross Domestic Product
  43. Name of the Gas Project- Tapi
  44. Mid Day Meal Scheme is implemented in Schools for- Children
  45. To which country is RISAT related – India
  46. SEBI is related to Finance
  47. Capital City of Afghanistan- Kabul
  48. Where will London Olympics 2016 be held- Rio d Janerio – Brazil
  49. Nobel prize is not given to the field – Music
  50. What is the pigment that is reason for green color in plants? Chlorophyll
  51. Term of a Candidate in Lok Sabha – 5 years
  52. Current in Bahrain- Dinar
  53. Name of Indian Foreign Secretary:  Ranjan Mathai
  55. Which sport does Deepika Kumari is related to? – Archery
  56. Which of the following is not an OPEC country? – France
  57. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act – RTE
  58. Name of the Word Bank President-Jim yon Kim
  59. Vishwanathan Anand is champion to which game of India- Chess
  60. Oscar Award is related to which field?- Movies
  61. Name of the award for their life time achievements in Film Industry: – Dada Saheb Phalke Award
  62. Name of the Trophy played by Domestic Teams of India for eligibility to National Team – Ranji Trophy
  63. Name of the Candidate that Pranab Mukherjee defeated in Presidential Election? — P A Sangma
  64. Name of the Writer of Kumarasambava – Kalidasa
  65. Which of the following is not a banking term? – LBW
  66. Name of the country that impounded Restriction on Syria and Iran: USA
  67. Who among the following is Cabinet Minister? – Ak Anthony
  68. What do CBS Mean? –Core Banking Solutions
  69. Which of the following is a union territory? – Chandigarh
  70. International Trade rule is set by which of the following organizations – WTO
  71. Capital City of Australia- Canberra
  72. Who is the richest Indian as per Latest Forbes Report? : Mukesh Ambani (21st Position)
  73. Who received ‘Bangladesh Liberation War Honour Award in 2013? – Pranab Mukherjee.
  74. Who is the captain of Indian Under-19 team bagged the World Cup 2012 Trophy: Unmukt Chand
  75. Who is known as “Lady of the Lamp”?- Florence Nightingale
  76. Who is the first Indian to receive Bharat Ratna Award? : Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari
  77. What sort of field Sir C.V. Raman is famous for?- Physics(Raman Effect)

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