Describe your ideal company, location and job.

Describe your ideal company, location and job.

Not having enough experience is a common problem for many candidates. But at times, it is equally creating problem if the candidate possess over qualification or the previous employer was better than the prospective employer. Attitude plays an important role in the success of an interview. During the interview the candidate need to remain strictly professional and tactic.

Most of the dismissal comes from personality issues in the work place.  Many employers face an “Avis complex” while handling the overqualified candidates. An overqualified job seeker raises many red flags with the interviewer.  The tag is applied to any situation like education, experience salary or a well known previous employer. In this down economy, so many candidates forced to take jobs below their qualification level out of financial requirement. The candidate will be in such a position to find all the possible ways to convince them with sincere and specific answers why they are willing to accept such job a step down. Many employers not keen to appoint overqualified person as they may not stick for too long or they are out of the price range.

If a candidate applies for a job which is lower than his qualification level, he must convince them that the aspirant is genuinely interested in the job for a long term. Show that the over qualification may be an asset to the potential employer rather than discourage from performing the work efficiently. Turn the qualifications for advantages. Concentrate on skills that make the candidate more suitable for the position.

Always honest with the previous work atmosphere but give more importance to the skills and knowledge and responsibilities rather than the previous employer. Explain them that the candidate is looking to work for a new company to learn new skills and strategies to broaden the horizon. Move into the interview with excitement and confidence that the prospective employer is going to be happy to hire.


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