Aren’t you overqualified for this position?

Aren’t you overqualified for this position?

Today, unemployment and competitive job market force many candidates to apply for jobs for which in the traditional standards, they are overqualified. At times, the potential employer may be happy that the candidate’s experience and skills exceed the criterion require for the position. But there are times a candidate performs well and confident and later would hear that he is overqualified for the position. Many companies do not keep interest to appoint people with over qualifications. Whatever maybe the situations, the candidate must take the objection of over qualification and try to sell him and respond efficiently. Be prepared for the overqualified tag.

The main reason for not appointing is that the position may not stimulate enough to keep the candidate motivated.  The candidate must be tactic to overcome the situation when he is labeled as an over qualified person.  Explain why the job seeker applied for such a position telling the background.  Try to sell him maximum by elaborating the qualifications and experience and achievements and show how he is perfect for the job. Encourage the interviewer by showing that the skills are perfectly matching for the required job.

The main concern behind the overqualified position is that when get a suitable opportunity, the employee may leave the company for betterment. Savvy interviewers may challenge the job seeker to check whether the candidate will stick to the company to an extended time with an “underemployed” status. Demonstrate the interviewer with previous experiences of sticking to the company and convince them by presenting examples of how you found chances for growth earlier.

It is good to point out without intimidating that he is the perfect person for this job. Leave an impression that the candidate possessing the talent for making the best of any professional opportunity. Showing interest and enthusiasm and a passion and positive attitude towards job creates a good impression for the interviewer.


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